Using Trezor with Electrum on Tails 4.0 Live


Tails 4.0 ships with the latest Electrum 3.3.8 Bitcoin wallet software. Electrum supports hardware wallets such as the Trezor Model T, however those integrations do not work out of the box. This article presents the handful of steps necessary for two different ways to get the Electrum hardware wallet integration for the Trezor Model T setup and working on a Tails 4.0 Live session.

Option 1: The Package Manager Way

Option 2: The AppImage Way


In the Tails distribution, the wget command used above is actually a shell script that configures wget to fetch the file over Tor instead of clearnet.

You can run the lsusb command from the command line to verify that your Trezor device is recognized by the system.

For the AppImage way, be sure to check for the latest download links.

More info on the AppImage way is available here, here and here.

Some related notes may be found here.

Electrum release notes are here.